Zollie Saxon

Zollie Saxon, MA

Police Agency Hiring and Promotions Expert

Zollie is a research psychologist in RTI International’s Workforce Wellbeing & Effectiveness Program. She has a BA in history & psychology with a minor in Middle Eastern & Islamic studies and an MA in industrial-organizational psychology; she is currently a doctoral candidate in industrial-organizational psychology at Louisiana Tech University. With years of experience in the field, Zollie is an expert in police recruitment, selection, retention, and culture. Her expertise also extends to test validation and survey development. Currently, Zollie serves as the project director for the Washington State Patrol Diversity Equity and Inclusion Initiative and as the Co-Director of the North Carolina Responder Assistance Initiative Evaluation. She is also a site lead for the From Research to Reality: Recruiting More Women into the Policing Profession project and is a field implementation lead for Real-world Engagement & Turnover Analysis to Inform New Solutions (RETAINS): An Evidence-Based Policing Workforce Study.