Jay Feldman, PhD

Career Pathways Pilot Lead

Jay Feldman holds a BA and a PhD in psychology and an MA in education. He specializes in developmental, utilization, and equitable evaluation approaches and conducts evaluations across K16 and community-based organizations. He is a member of RTI International’s Transformative Research Unit for Equity (TRUE) and is committed to research guided by social justice. He works toward the co-development of policies and practices that will improve outcomes and access, particularly for people of color, who are often among the most disenfranchised by current systems that perpetuate discrimination. Jay’s recent projects include K12 evaluations of community schools, equity-centered school reform, and state-wide professional development systems, workforce development projects that support populations that have multiple barriers to employment, post-secondary studies focused on students with disabilities and students from historically excluded communities, and collective impact projects focused on decreasing economic disparities and cross-sector partnering.